As beer contains alcohol, it can have an effect on diabetes. There is considerable scientific evidence that alcohol consumption of up to 24 g per day can lower the relative risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%. Increased adiponectin levels, increased insulin sensitivity, reduction of fasting insulin, glycaemic status control, and anti-inflammatory effects, are biological mechanisms that explain this association. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, moderate alcohol consumption can also protect against type 2 diabetes.
In people with diabetes, moderate alcohol consumption may improve glycaemic control and convey cardiovascular risk reduction and mortality benefits.
These effects apply to all alcoholic beverages.

For type 2 diabetes prevention: Do not smoke, be active and eat and drink healthily and in moderation.

Read more: http://beerandhealth.eu/beer-and-health/beer-and-diabetes/

Please find below a list of publications regarding alcohol consumption and diabetes, whose abstracts and results should be read in the above-given context.

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