A Case Control Study on Alcohol Consumption and Pancreatitis

A Case Control Study on Alcohol Consumption and Pancreatitis
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Journal Article
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National Journal of Community Medicine
396 - 399
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Introduction: In Western population, a threshold of 5 drinks per day may exist for alcohol to increase pancreatitis risk. Given ethnic differences in alcohol metabolism, we examined the associations between smoking, alcohol, and pancreatitis in Western Indians. Methods: A case control study was conducted in a surgery department of a hospital in western India. In-formation on drinking was collected by in-person interview. Baseline characteristics and alcohol consumption was compared between cases of pancreatitis and control (without pancreatitis). Results: Baseline characteristics of cases and control are Among 4% of the cases and 2% of the control, bile stone was found to be present and this difference was also statistically not significant. Alcohol use was associated with pancreatitis in a dose-dependent way. Those who were taking heavy amount of alcohol had more than five and half-time risk of developing pancreatitis compared to those who are not taking alcohol. Conclusions: Indians are more prone to alcohol-related pancreatitis than Westerners, and alcohol consumption is the leading cause of pancreatitis in India.